My role

Product Designer


IAM is an desktop software to manage CBRE colaborators' tasks in a funny and gamified way with features as ranking, classes and points based on colaborator tasks.


Working by an Inundaweb my role on this project was to build a hi-fy prototype with a lot of microinteractions from an previous wireframe I received for some features.

I worked on features for CBRE's collaborators. As the feature create and improve a to send and recive kudos from other employees, a feature that allows the users to announce, edit and track their mood by day and month, and the feature to custumize the user's interface using themes that the collaborators can buy using their points. Also, I was the responsible to design an onboarding for that software, mapping what would be good to show to the users.

Over the collaborator's features, I worked on features for the admins of that system. As the features to mint new points, give points to collaborators, generate new tasks, track tasks, create and post new themes to be buyed by employee, create and post guides and surveys on system.