I'm Jonathan Pinto, a Product Designer, and entrepeneur who helps companies around the world craft better products.

Jonathan with a brown t-shirt and a sholderbag smiling while listen to a woman talking in a orange lighted ambient.

About me

5 years of experience in design, I'm a Brazilian Product Designer, Founder at Arkyv Co-founder and CEO at Coffe-e, a Design System enthusiast, a former Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Game Designer.

I do enjoy applying processes, methodologies, knowledge, and intuition to my designs. I solve problems, and interfaces are one of the possible results of my solutions.

I have experience helping big companies, small businesses, and startups provide better experiences, services, and products in a end-to-end process. I belive in multidisciplinary teams and professionals who knows and wants to learn more about what their coworks do

I'm a lifelong learner. Currently, I'm always learning new things in design, code, management, and more. Additionally, I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and little bit of French."