Farm inspection

My role

Product Designer


An mobile application, for both IOS and Android, that allows the company make sure their client's plantation is going well, mesure the the size of the farm and control the quality of the plantation.


Working by an agency my role was to improve a hi-fy prototype that already existed and design some new features.

First, I worked to enhance the prototype made by another designer, to make it easier to maintain, more neat, simple, using better resources Figma offers, and organizing the file. After that, I received the task to create the home page for the app, so I research with the client and user the data would be great to display for the users. We reached our goal and I designed how the data should be displayed and how it should behave. I was also delegated to design some small details on components, and design the flow to help the users register new farms and new inspections.

Three lined phones mockup. Showing the home, the visits page and the farm page.


My process started by me organizing the file and making everything more clear to be worked. Afterwards I started by updating the prototyping, changing the kind of used layers from groups to auto-layout, turning the most used patterns into components, making everything a bit more pixel-perfect and a lot more scalable.

After all the organizing process, I worked fixed some flows on prototyping, making sure every interection and step on the journey was good and well working for tests late on the project. I was also the designer requested to project the feature to register new inspections and register new farms.

Two phones mockup. The left one has a lot of inputs and the right one is a resume of the current opened farm.


An organized scalable project, way more robust and interactable to be tested by the users, even more easier to maintain and more complete for the users.

Two phones mockup. The lef one has a camera icon and the right one has a map location tracket.